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Client Generating Content System

the on-demand interactive & actionable training for online business owners who want to make more regular sales through their content and consistently attract dream clients, organically.


no more chasing, obsessively refreshing your inbox or thinking "WTF should I post this week" ​

Learn the content & messaging processes that have helped generate +$25,000 launches, pay in full high ticket clients & thousands in passive sales for me & my clients...many with audiences less than 2,o00 people.

I see you posting daily, showing up on stories - as you've been told to do time and time again and talking about your offer (when you remember) but despite spending HOURS & HOURS each week, you're still not seeing any change in audience growth, inbound enquiries...and most frustratingly, very low sales

You tell yourself things like: 

  • "it's because my audience is misaligned.

  • "it's because I've got a small audience."

  • "the algorithm is against me"

It's easy to point the blame externally for your lack of sales, visibility & slow growth, but here's what's actually happening >>>

You’re failing to spark a DEEP connection or emotion with your audience….meaning you’re missing CREDIBILITY & CONNECTION with your ideal clients, (which is why they're not buying)

You THINK you have a content strategy, but it's not linked to any sort of longer term plan or your financial goals (and that's why it's not bringing in consistent leads or enquiries)

You're sharing your offer(s) at RANDOM, not seeing any interest, and then not mentioning it again for another few weeks - knocking your confidence & belief further. 

The language you're using in your content is broad, vague and vanilla - meaning you're seen as PEER, not as an authority or expert that your ideal clients want to invest in. You're not positioning yourself as a solution

it only takes one post to land multiple +$3,000 clients...

this can happen on repeat when you know how to catch the attention of your ideal client and speak to them in way that ACTIVATES them to invest. Which is why having a clear & reliable CONTENT CREATION system, is fundamental.

Because attracting & signing premium clients, waking up to filled in application forms and handfuls of sales from your digital products should be your "normal".


Imagine if you could:

>> Have a simple content creation strategy that bought in HOT ready-to-buy leads who were excited & interested in your offers. No more 'I'm not sure it's the right time' messages that make you feel like giving up. 

>> Post content with total confidence KNOWING it would generate ORGANIC sales & enquiries because you know HOW to stop the scroll with your messaging & activate your audience to invest.

>> Plan & create weeks worth of *BANGING* content in just one day - freeing up SO much time for more revenue-generating tasks...or to take well-deserved time off! 

>> PRE-FILL spots for offers before it launches publicly & SELL OUT 1:many offers purely through the power of your posts. 

Those +6/7 figure business owners you follow, who have +$20K launches with ease, and sell out any offer they launch, do so because they have NAILED their content strategy. 

Until you know how to stand out, build connection, become RECOGNISABLE and be seen as an expert with THE solution your ideal client needs, you're going to stay stuck with inconsistent, unfulfilling sales...and zero time freedom. 

This is exactly what I'm teaching you inside of the

Client Generating Content System 


What to expect in the Client Generating Content System: 

  • 7 video lessons giving you full understanding on the 4 main content types - so you can stand out to your ideal client, catch their attention and know with CONFIDENCE what to post each week & month

  • a breakdown of the fundamentals to activation content so that every post you share moving forward will trigger your audience to move closer to investing in your offer (or straight up buy your products)

  • downloadable & interactive content planning & scripting resource (you can use on repeat every month or ahead of every launch) so you can start writing your own posts straight away 

  • how to shift your mindset to help you start writing with more conviction & magnetism, that'll command attention from your ideal client

  • script examples for each content type plus my favourite hooks & call to actions to take your audience from reader to buyer

  • support with implementation

The content & messaging processes I'm teaching you have generated +$25,000 launches, pay in full high ticket clients & thousands in passive sales for me & my clients...many with audiences less than 2,o00 people.

Learning how to land ready-to-invest clients & make consistent sales through your content alone, has never been more accessible than right now. This is a one of the most valuable & lucrative skillsets you can learn as an online business owner ... and continue to use for life.

When you make ONE sale from the content training - you're literally 10X'ing your investment...$39 x 10 = $390 

it's a no brainer



Hi, I'm Nicola 

a Business & Marketing strategist and accredited Transformational Coach, running a 6-figure online business, with freedom, fulfilment and growth core values of mine. 

I set up my coaching business as secret “passion project” back in February 2020, fuelled by a desire to do purpose-driven, impactful work, with autonomy over my time.



6 months later, I quit my corporate city job, waved goodbye to my basement office, low pay & limited holiday and went all in on growing my business.

Over the last (almost) 4 years I've grown my business to +6 figures all through the power of social media and spent time living in Bali, Cape Town, London & Portugal.


In that I've helped over 250+ female founders to grow their online business whilst living out their Pinterest board life, using sustainable and organic marketing, sales & business strategies.

Become booked out and sought after with inbound leads & organic sales through your content. 

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