Support your people, strengthen your community.   

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Coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective professional development interventions. 


The CV-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that the wellbeing of the workforce is in jeopardy. Lower motivation, anxiety about the future & mental fatigue are just some examples of how resilience & performance are being impacted. 

I work with forward-thinking organisations, social enterprises & universities who are committed to supporting their people thrive personally, as well as professionally.

Coaching promotes self-awareness, an attribute that supports decision making, relationship building & a stronger ability to manage emotions. This in turn generates positivity, confidence & greater foundation of wellbeing.


To truly build a more resilient community & workforce, we need to address individual wellbeing - a healthy, balanced & happy self. 

Wellbeing is a skill that can be adopted & learnt by all.
I deliver online webinars & in-person workshops that share mindset techniques, fail-proof frameworks and neuroscience insights to help individuals improve their wellbeing. 

The sessions help to stimulate mindset shifts, improve ways of thinking & spark the beginning of new behaviour habits, which benefit the individual, the team and the wider performance of the business.

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"...It was so refreshing to hear Nicola speak about mindfulness and actual tips and how-to's...I am so glad we are initiating conversations around these topics in business school..."

- Mark Entwistle (LBS, MBA 2022)

"Nicola has been a huge support as an external wellness advisor. Through the pandemic Nicola’s coaching seasons have been an uplifting way to connect as a team and provided useful tools to action in our everyday. Her personable approach has been so welcomed and I would highly recommend her to other businesses or individuals looking to create a healthy mindset."

- Me+Em (Jan, 2021)

"Nicola is a confident, clear and engaging speaker and her session was interactive and relatable to all attendees. She is highly knowledgable in re-focusing and calming your mindset, implementing micro-habits and finding simple techniques to produce a lasting change. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Nicola on this successful event and I'd recommend her sessions to anyone - thank you!"

- Katie, Give a Grad a Go (Feb, 2021)

Nicola is a pleasure to work with - I chose her as a partner for the Women Who Will Spring Cohort to deliver some wellbeing webinars and Q&A sessions and they have been fantastic. She is brilliant at guiding a group, making the space feel safe and supportive, and gently encouraging participants to share their experiences. The feedback from the cohort has been excellent and they have all felt grateful to be able to participate in Nicola's sessions.

- Kate, Founder of Women Who Will (March, 2021)