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Another branch of my business...

Nic & Fred.

Two mindset coaches on a mission to empower individuals to reach their potential, whilst feeling at their best. 

We work together to deliver high impact and informative workshops for founders, forward thinking organisations, social enterprises and women’s network groups. We also provide 1:1 performance & business coaching to further support your team. 

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Create An Empowering Morning Routine
An interactive & intimate workshop, helping you curate a morning routine that motivates and inspires you. With mindset re-programming techniques, rituals to reduce overwhelm & practical tools to sustain positivity, this is a powerful session that'll spark long-term change. 

The Olympic - Women & Confidence
We hosted a roundtable at The Olympic Studios, on confidence in the workplace, specifically with women. We covered fears, expectation setting, mentorship, changing careers and building businesses.

Confidence Masterclass

Building Confidence  
Nic & Fred hosted a fantastic, engaging & practical workshop. We were given the opportunity to engage with each other  in order to apply our real life scenarios to the topics being discussed, which was of great value. Our attendees took away valuable insights & practical tips to help them develop their confidence, thank you!
(Smith & Williamson's Women's Network)

Confidence masterclass for corporates

Partnered with Me+Em as an external wellness advisor for their retail department.

"Nicola’s sessions have been an uplifting way to connect as a team and provided useful tools to action in our everyday routines. Her personable approach has been so welcomed and I would highly recommend her to other businesses or individuals looking to create a healthy mindset."

Fulfilment. What does it mean How to ach

NatWest - Gender Network Group
We hosted a Confidence Masterclass for 125 members of the Natwest Gender Network Group globally. We explored the gendered confidence gap and shared strategies on how to close it.  

Fulfilment. What does it mean How to ach

Resilience in the Workplace
A workshop to help teams thrive during times of uncertainty, instability and scarcity. Resilience is one's capacity to recover quickly from set-backs. Learning to manage your mindset and respond vs react is crucial to sustainable high performance. Let us teach you how.

Resilience Workshop

Webinar to 70+ MBA students at London Business School supporting them in setting clear boundaries, teaching productivity techniques and managing feelings of overwhelm. 

Fulfilment. What does it mean How to ach

Supporting a community of change-makers.
Partnered with Women Who Will to deliver wellbeing & mindset sessions for the female entrepreneurs.

"Nicola is brilliant at guiding a group, making the space feel safe and supportive, and gently encouraging participants to share their experiences. The feedback from the cohort has been excellent."

Social enterprise wellbeing workshops
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