About me.

Hi, I'm Nicola - a Mindset & Performance Coach living in London, working with inspiring people all over the world. 

My journey.

I can now say I've got a fulfilling career, but that's not always been the case!

Fulfilling to me means enjoyment in my career and creating a lifestyle that truly aligns with my passions, my strengths and my interests. And it's SO exciting that this is now my reality.  

Here's a top line overview of my "professional" career: 

I studied Spanish & Business at Exeter University, which included a year working in Barcelona for a luxury hotel brand. After graduating, I went travelling and once back in London, worked as a consultant for a luxury travel company. 

After two years I pivoted careers as I wasn't being challenged & couldn't see clear progression. I moved into an account manager role at a marketing agency, looking after international FMCG brands. 

 A few years into the role, I realised that a sense of purpose & fulfilment was missing. I wasn't passionate about the work I was doing. The people were great, the perks were good and I definitely learnt a lot, from many inspiring people. However it didn't give me the drive or enthusiasm I wanted my career to offer me. 1/3 of our life is spent at work, so it's important to me I fully enjoy it!

I took time to understand what got me excited, looked at what I was spending my time doing outside of work and got clarity on what I wanted my future to look like (lifestyle / people / financial situation etc). I didn't want my life to be dictated by a "9-5.30" routine. I wanted freedom, flexibility & to feel empowered. 


After many conversations, lots of research & extensive reading, I discovered coaching. The thought of working with people all around the world, adding value every day & building a lifestyle that suited me was suddenly very exciting. 


I completed my Life Coaching certification, invested in my own 1:1 coach and set up my own Life Coaching business. I soon experienced real shifts in my mindset, learnt how to manage tricky emotions and realised I was undermining my potential. I'm not usually one for clichés, but working with a coach really was a game changer - especially looking at the time-frame of which I made real progress. It's hard to articulate the shifts that come as a result of coaching unless you experience first hand. 

For a while I juggled my business alongside my full time job and then realised for it to grow, and for me to be able to work with more people, I needed to prioritise what I was most passionate about. So I took the leap and quit my day "corporate" job. 

This is my nudge to you.

What excites you?

What do you want your future to look like?

What would make you feel happier and generally better? 


It's time to put yourself first.

(email: nicolacharlotte2@gmail.com)