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use "POWER" at checkout to save $200 - 

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~ it's time to UP-LEVEL. 

In depth, self-paced programme for online business owners who want to lay 5-figure foundations & introduce more sophisticated strategies to help fast-track their revenue to $5k-$8k months. 


Create sell-out offers, attract a more PREMIUM audience & learn the content & messaging skills for consistent, inbound enquiries & sales. 



In just 3 months...

Move away from generic marketing strategies, copy & paste sales scripts, working with misaligned clients who ignore your boundaries, ask for discounts and drain your energy. The feeling of chasing leads and "HARD WORK" get's to stop today

Step into thinking BIGGER, where you're making greater impact, creating & launching PREMIUM high ticket offers that sell out with ease & are highly profitable, whilst establishing more authority & credibility as an expert in your niche. Create value-led content that catches & retains the attention of dream clients who come to YOU excited about investing. Learn how to bring more strategy to your sales process, build sales confidence with converting those +$3,000 clients & longer term planning to help you build a +$10,000 pipeline.




🍾 you're hitting consistent +$5,000 / +$8,000 months because of a scroll-stopping content strategy that STANDS OUT (to the right people) and that brings in consistent ready-to-buy leads


🍾 you confidently navigate, pitch & close 4-figure sales in the DMs because you use buyer psychology and social selling more yo-yo sales months.


🍾 you have more flexibility & time freedom to travel spontaneously & fulfil desires outside of the business. Mid-week massages, boujee yoga classes & daily cafe-bought coffee are luxuries you no longer feel guilty about spending money on.


🍾 you've built credibility & recognisability through your socials, meaning consistent enquiries and sales are you norm.


🍾  you fill out your high ticket offers with EASE because you've NAILED the messaging, marketing & sales systems to create consistent sales. 


This is all possible to create over the next 3 months...

You know you need to become more strategic, in your thinking AND content, to be hitting higher revenue months, without compromising your freedom.

You know selling with more confidence & authority, as well as better communicating your value, is going to make A LOT of difference.

But you're feeling stuck on WHERE to start. 
and I get it - its overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing, when you feel like you're "doing it all", yet not seeing results that excite you, with unfulfilling income.

But you don't want to kill the momentum you've you just keep doing the same thing, HOPING that at some point, surely it'll suddenly click?

 ➡️ you're confused as to why dream clients aren't coming to you, given you spend so many hours each week showing up, creating content, reaching out to people, but have very little to show for it.

➡️ you're so ready for consistent +$5,000 months, BUT the thought of raising your prices freaks you out, because what if you "loose" out on a sale due to your rates being "too high", so you never do.... 

➡️ you KNOW your offers are FULL of value - and you've seen clients create EPIC results from working with you - but it's as if everyone in your audience doesn't see this? And you don't understand why.

These are things you don't need to worry about any longer. 

Power Moves has ALL you need to confidently elevate your personal brand, stand out in front of ready-to-buy audiences and introduce a growth strategy that works FOR you. Whilst also building a more empowering, confident mindset to build TRUST, DESIRE & AUTHORITY.

Power Moves is your solution to confidently achieving higher, and more consistent, revenue months without working harder.


The content & trainings are based on proven sales strategies, science-backed mindset techniques and frameworks that've helped my clients & I :

~ go from $o-$2K months to +$10,000 months within a couple of months

~ achieve +$24,000 launches with less than 1,500 followers

~ become booked out with a waitlist of high ticket clients

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Designed as a self-study, self-paced programme with on going support via Slack

"I've seen my momentum sky-rocket. I never thought I'd get to a place where qualified leads are coming in every day. Talk about turning my dream into a reality!!!"

- Chloe




the 3-month self-paced programme for Coaches & OSPs ready to become more strategic with their growth, more confident selling and converting high ticket and achieve consistency with +$5,000 months.

Start being seen as a trusted expert that dream clients want to invest in time & time again, whilst you enjoy more freedom, spontaneity & abundance in your week.

My four stage framework for scaling to 5 figure months, whilst creating MORE freedom

Learn how to start thinking more strategically like a CEO (rather than a small business owner), so consistency, ease & stability become your norm

Learn how to grow & nurture a community of warm leads & raving fans who see you as the go to expert that they want to invest in - and DO invest in with confidence 

Understand how to develop a captivating content strategy, that includes lead generation techniques & buyer psychology so that your profile is PROFITABLE. No more hours spent chasing time-wasters or obsessively checking for responses

Learn my proven formula for successfully navigating & closing +4 figure sales in the DM (without the ick, fear or worry) 

I've combined my Sales & Marketing background (managing multi-million ££ accounts) with my +3yrs coaching female entrepreneurs, as well as my own experience in achieving +5figure months, into an easy-to-follow programme that'll help you achieve the same.


Since working with Nicola things have seriously turned around in my business! I know exactly what I want and what to do. The biggest shifts for me are more confidence and trust, which reflects in my business AND life: It feels so so so aligned. Everyday I wake-up feeling excited for the day! She’s the best supporting business coach I’ve ever experienced.

~ Rosalie ~ 

Before working with Nicola I was feeling stuck. I didn’t know how to increase my income without having to work 24/7. Nicola gave me the tools to earn more whilst working less - I am confident, clear and concise with my offerings. I am now so excited about my business and I love seeing it grow with ease - which was so important to me (whilst also enjoying more freedom in my life)!

~ Jessie ~ 

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What's else is included inside Power Moves?

➡️ Consistent support via Slack for accountability, questions and brainstorming - helping you make fast & steady headway (quite literally every day)


^^ also an incredible opportunity to network & learn from other like-minded business women (being a part of programmes & masterminds myself, the energy & sisterhood feels do not compare to anything else)

➡️ +24 video lessons & trainings - accompanied with templates, resources & worksheets all designed to help you integrate your learnings and take action 


➡️ Lifetime access (plus access to any future trainings & resources added)

Meet your coach: 

Nicola is a Mindset & Business Coach, here to help you grow & scale your online business to +6 figures, whilst also living a freedom-lifestyle (aka your vision board life)!

Nicola has worked with +200 women, helping them to achieve their definition of time, location & financial freedom, whilst living in sun-kissed locations around the world including Cape Town, Bali & Portugal. 


Blending mindset, energy & business strategy, Nicola supports women like you, with creating a captivating online brand that achieves consistent sales with confidence time & time again. 

With a background in Sales & Marketing, managing multi-million pound accounts, to now running a 6 figure location-independent online business whilst living her vision board reality, her mission is to help YOU achieve the same.

Nicola is an advocate of SCALING with simplicity - using reliable & repeatable strategies for long term success. 



Mindset Mastery & 5 Figure Thinking

There's really only two core reasons why you aren't getting what you want:

ONE -  Your actions don't align with your goals

TWO - You don't truly believe it's possible

(and number 2 makes number 1 a hella lot harder) which is why we’re start w/Mindset. In this module you’ll learn how to start thinking like a CEO who’s generating 5 figure months, so that you can make more strategic & powerful decisions.

  • Lesson 1 - Getting Out Your Own Way

  • Lesson 2 - CEO Mindset Shifts

  • Lesson 3 - Defining Your Success Metrics

  • Lesson 4 - Attuning to Greater Abundance

  • Lesson 5 - Flow State Thinking

  • Lesson 6 - Creating Your 5 Figure Bible



Power Moves is a self paced course with over 24 video lessons, designed to be completed in 12 weeks (although you can go at your own pace)

Any updates that are made or extra videos added, you'll have access to! 


Get your mindset thinking like a powerful business owner who's already generating +5 figure months. Watch this daily for transformative business results. 


A full video & breakdown of exactly how to close +4 figure sales in the DM - I've broken this down into 11 steps showing you exactly what to do, how to lead to the sale and how to confirm the sale so you can use this time and time again.


Bring your questions, blocks, ideas or client struggles to the Slack community so I can give you personalised feedback on how to achieve the results you want, with the most ease & confidence.

PLUS regular mindset support to help you move past fear & UP-LEVEL to your 6 figure business. 


Get accountability, support and brainstorm with other members of the community within our private space. An incredible platform to ask questions, learn from each other, network & even collaborate! 

Use this DAILY and watch how your momentum & results sky-rocket.


Gain clarity and make clear plans of action with a huge host of thorough resources that accompany the lessons, so that you can really see results. 

Commit to doing this work, and you will see your progress sky-rocket, without needing to work harder. 

POWER MOVES \\ inclusions & payment options


+24 value-packed video lessons, PLUS lifetime access to updates & added videos or resources

for continuous support & accountability as you learn


key for implementing the learnings & taking action with clarity & confidence


Pay in Full $679 // 2 x Payments $350 

💸 SIGN UP today and get started right away

enter "POWER" at checkout for $200 off 💸 


past clients' experiences:

"Nicola's methodology working through the mindset, energy, strategy and then marketing was the perfect formula to help me land new clients in my business, be able to show up no matter what is going on around me, alongside shifting my way of thinking to what I need to do in order to feel successful in my business." Bella, Client Experience Consultant

Power Moves has been super valuable, with incredible resources I'll continue to use for life. I've had a huge shift in my mindset and been able to continue producing great results even during tough life moments - something I really struggled with before.

I launched my new Membership & signed new high ticket clients with confidence!


We had on demand support via Slack from Nicola and the other members which felt so supportive. I'd highly recommend joining if you're an entrepreneur wanting to shake things up in business!" Tiffany, Business Coach


How does the program work?

There are 4 modules *including +24 video trainings* to work through at your own pace. You'll get access to ALL modules & lessons as soon as you invest. 

When does Power Moves start? 

TODAY! You can sign up today, and get immediate access.

How long do I have access to Power Moves for? 

You get LIFETIME access to Power Moves and any updates that are made from here on!

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the programme, there are no refunds, so please make sure you email us with any questions before you invest: 

How does the Slack channel work?

The Slack community is there for ongoing support - a platform to ask questions, share wins, help with accountability and also for forming incredible connections, friendships & opportunities with the other women in the group! I'll be on Slack daily!

I really want to join - but not sure I can meet the monthly instalment amount - do you offer any more extended payment options?  

Please contact me directly to discuss over on Instagram 

I’ve only recently started my business - is this suitable for me?

100%! We will be covering the essential foundations of what you need to confidently stand out online, attract consistent leads & convert clients in the DMs - so whether you’re looking for your first client, or wanting to double your monthly leads then this is for you!

any other questions, please send me a DM @nicolacharlottecoaching

💸 Pay in full to CLAIM A BONUS 1:1 Strategy Call worth +$450  💸 

This is your time to take POWER MOVES & to UP-LEVELLING your income, credibility, sales consistency & confidence as a serious 6 figure business owner. 

You just need to take the leap and say YES.

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