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Believe & Become

~ an expansive & empowering 3 month, online group programme for ambitious women.


What clients are saying about their experience:

 "The group has been an amazing way to stimulate positive energy. The balance of the sessions is excellent & the variety keeps me engaged. The topics are also really intriguing, so it's extra motivation to call in live." ~ Andreia 

"I have been able to tackle hard situations at work with more confidence and control over my emotions. Also, the WhatsApp group works really well for sharing goals and our wins for the week." ~ R

 "So far, Believe & Become has been motivating, revealing & empowering." ~ Ellie

 "I love the group coaching sessions as I feel I can target my specific concerns but also hearing the advice you give everyone else is really eye opening. It makes me realize other people have similar questions/struggles however in a different context." ~ Helena

What's included in the 3 months? 

5 x live workshops on Zoom (focusing on how to remove fear and self-doubt, learn mindset strategies to build greater confidence & reduce overwhelm, understand how to gain clarity on your goals & how to get there)


3 x group coaching calls for 1:1 support


Facebook & WhatsApp group for on-going support accountability & goal-setting

A community of ambitious, like-minded women


3 x guest expert sessions complementing your mindset work and amplifying your experience


1 x 1:1 support call to establish goals & actions for continued progress 

All sessions will be recorded & uploaded to the FB group


 Sign up by 01/12/2021 to SAVE £333 & receive a bonus 1:1 call. 


Client love: 
"I can’t thank you enough. I re-listened to one of our calls on Friday evening, and I know that i can do it and it’s my mindset, i do always come back to the conversations we have. My confidence has improved SIGNIFICANTLY since we’ve been working together, and I just want to thank you because I don’t know if I would’ve got here today without that. So THANK YOU." ~ Tracey

"Nicola has helped me find confidence in myself to make changes at work. I got a pay rise of what I expected, and a bonus of 15% of my salary! After every call I have felt motivated and excited to make even the smallest of changes. She's guided me towards the right solution and helped me implement sustainable changes that are producing amazing results. Thank you Nicola" ~ Lucy 


This is for you if: 

  • You’re feeling unfulfilled & know you're capable of achieving more 

  • Self-doubt & lack of confidence holds you back

  • You’re driven with big ambitions, yet lack clarity and accountability on how to get there.

  • Fear has meant you've been settling for "fine".

  • You're exhausted from comparison & over-thinking

  • You want to become you, at your best

Throughout the 3 months, you'll receive support through live workshops, group coaching sessions and guest expert sessions. I'll teach you how to remove current blockers that are holding you back and learn how to strengthen your confidence, gain clarity & create greater success.

You'll also be part of an incredible group of like-minded women, empowering each other every step of the way.

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