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Morning Mindset & Conscious Thinking

NEW 5-day programme
1st February 2021 

Surviving and thriving in an ever-changing and unpredictable landscape isn’t easy. But it's totally possible for you. With external uncertainty, pressurised work demands and mounting frustration, we need guidance, expertise and a steady pair of hands to help you navigate life's challenges & obstacles.

The 5 day Morning Mindset & Conscious Thinking programme is designed to help you:

  • manage stress & overwhelm more effectively

  • feel re-energised & inspired each morning

  • restore balance & clarity in your day-to-day

  • experience inner calm & daily focus


At the end of the 5 days, you'll have:

  • tools to help you instil positive, lasting change

  • insight & understanding on creating stability 

  • knowledge on how to turn behaviours in to rewarding habits 

  • ideas of how to create more joy & relief when it's all getting too much


This programme is designed to help you build a stronger, more resilient mindset

With a stronger mindset you gain clearer thinking & improved mental wellbeing, A strong mind is a calm mind that has space for rational decision making, focus & joy.

I can show you steps you need to take to achieve this.


Each day we will focus on a different topic linked to mindset - specifically how to build resilience, increase confidence & relieve stress.


You'll receive insights, frame-works & strategies you can employ straight away. 

I'll guide a couple of short meditations to help calm your mind & clear space for focus.

Content includes: 

- How to improve your mental fitness ​

- How to re-programme unsupportive thinking habits

- Techniques to become more mindful 

- Using micro habits to create lasting positive change 

- Why we need to plan for joy

- Controlling the controllables 

- Simple & effective mindset tools to reduce overwhelm 

- Soothing meditations


Each session will be led by Nicola. They're designed to be interactive - what you put in, you get out. 

The programme is designed for ambitious women who are committed to improving their mental-wellbeing, and ultimately who want to thrive personally & professionally.


It's a safe space to feel inspired.

Use the energy of the group to generate immediate results and keep you accountable.   


1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th & 10th February 

(i.e. every other morning from Monday 1st!)


45 minutes 

5 mornings

8am (GMT)

Live Q&A for real-time support.

Limited numbers to provide the utmost value. 


Our mental fitness is something that needs to be worked on daily so that we can effectively deal with challenges, stress, uncertainty & unexpected opportunities.


We need to be proactive with our mental fitness, not reactive. 

This is your opportunity to create new, solid foundations to support your ambitions in 2021. 

This is the first time I'm launching the programme, so I'm honouring it an incredible price. 

The investment? Only £46.


£40 if you sign up with a friend! 

If you're ready to reduce feelings of overwhelm, and create more space for calm & positivity, this for you.

It's time to prioritise your mental wellbeing and strengthen your resilience, so you can thrive personally & professionally.

The 5 day programme will provide an opportunity to create a healthier mindset so you can effectively shift negative thinking and feel more empowered.

Sign up by Sunday 24th Jan for the chance to win a FREE 1:1 coaching session with me

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