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Coaching promotes self-awareness, an attribute that supports decision making, relationship building & generates a deeper sense of clarity of what's important to you. Simply put, it makes you feel happier. 



What can I expect?  


Each coaching journey is different, it’ll be bespoke to you and what you’re looking to achieve. I'll help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. Think of me as your biggest cheerleader.

Or your right hand woman! 

An early part of the process is identifying limiting beliefs & thought patterns that aren't supporting you and creating new ones that do. 


I'm here to hold a safe space where we can explore what is holding you back, what's stopping you from taking action and getting super clear on what you want your life to look like. Then we can start getting you there.


A coach provides objective feedback and ensures you’re on track to generate results. 


    Coaching can also help you to

  • build self-confidence

  • create new mindset patterns

  • gain clarity 

  • feel more in control 

  • manage negative emotions 

Working with a coach is an investment into yourself, that'll make you feel better.

What exactly is coaching?

"One of the biggest regrets
in life is being what others would want you to be,
rather than being yourself."

What clients are saying: 

"In such a short space of time, the difference in me is tenfold. We started our sessions at the beginning of the pandemic and Nicola helped me manage my anxiety surrounding my job instability. I was introduced to different exercises to help develop areas of my personal and professional life in manageable stages, as well as tools to visualise the steps I wanted to take to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend Nicola’s coaching services to anyone looking for positive & clear guidance with getting their compass pointed in the right direction!"

Gabriella Notter, BA Cabin Crew

"I've really enjoyed working with Nicola on my business. She's so easy to talk to and has really helped me to get clear on my goals for my business and how to move forward using practical action steps. I'm especially grateful for all the great tips she's given me for managing my social media. I felt really lost before I started this coaching but now I feel I have much more clarity. She's really helped me to focus on one thing at a time and move towards my goals with greater confidence."

Kathy G, Twin Flame Tarot Coach

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