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- the foundations for closing 4-figure sales in the DMs

Convert with Confidence Masterclass

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Wednesday, 29th March @ 12 noon, GMT

FREE masterclass for Coaches & OSPs ready to convert higher ticket clients, in the DMs, with confidence. Your audience size doesn't matter, this is about learning how to elevate your confidence, positioning and language, so you can sell effortlessly.

 👀 I’ll let you in on a little secret:


roughly **80% of my revenue** over the past year has been a direct result of my DM strategy - of which 90% were over 4 figures in value. 

Join us and learn my super simple 4-stage formula for confidently navigating, pitching & closing +4 figure sales in the DMs, time & time again.


P.S. it’s so much more than mastering a sales technique.

I see you, frustrated, fed up & unsatisfied with where you’re at financially.

You know you could be earning so much more,

but lack of confidence with selling is holding you back.

or perhaps you're not even having the chance to sell at all, due to a lack of inbound leads...

This is what’s happening:

~ you’re not visible in front of the right audience (the people liking & engaging in your content, aren’t even thinking about investing)

~ you’ve been following a sales script you downloaded for free from a previous coach or programme (and that’s why you’re failing to convert consistently)

~ you’re so ready to land more clients but you’re full of doubt as to how to sell to them with confidence & conviction (that you end up in the friend zone)

~ your posting content without a strategy & without authority (which is why you’re blending in & experiencing a lack of inbound leads)

It's time to change that, because closing 4-figures in the DMs consistently & with confidence is easy once you have the foundations in place. 



➡️ how to start thinking & showing up like a CEO with a magnetising online presence (no more “small business” vibes here)


➡️ how to CAPTIVATE your audience and generate inbound messages (from qualified leads ready to buy) time & time again


➡️ my "Closing Clients Framework" for converting 4 figure sales in the DMs

^^ all of which will enable you to create more free time in your week, whilst DOUBLING your revenue

& create results like these:

TAN Nimbus (3).png


👀 you had a content & messaging strategy that was based on attraction marketing techniques & buyer psychology so that dream clients messaged YOU asking about your services & how they can work with you (no more “I can’t afford it” messages)

🙋🏻‍♀️ you showed up with confidence every single day, commanding attention due to your leadership energy and were seen as an expert people were excited to invest in

💸 converting +$5000 sales in the DMs was normal, in fact you did this whilst out and about living your best life (clients of mine have done so at the spinning studio, by the pool in Cape Town & whilst out on their way to dinner!)

🤌🏼 you knew how to lead your ideal clients to the sale in a way that felt natural and empowering (it’s time to get out the friend-zone and start converting leads to paying clients)

Nicola Charlotte #2.png

Scaling to 5 figure months isn't about working harder.


It’s about implementing sales & marketing strategies that cut through the noise and showcase your services as a no brainer. Combined with a resilient, focused mindset and magnetising energy.


When you know how to communicate the value, dream clients come to you organically & higher revenue months become easier.


It's time to stop worrying about where your next sale is coming from.


If you’re done with guessing & waiting, and ready to learn how to convert your leads with confidence, then this masterclass is for you.


meet your hostess!

Nicola is a Mindset & Business Coach, here to help you grow & scale your online business to 6 figures, whilst also living a freedom-lifestyle (aka your vision board life)!

Nicola has worked with +200 women, helping them to achieve their definition of time, location & financial freedom, whilst living in sun-kissed locations around the world including Cape Town, Bali & Portugal. 


Blending mindset, energy & business strategy, Nicola supports her clients with creating a captivating brand that achieves consistent sales with confidence time & time again!

With a background in Sales & Marketing, managing multi-million pound accounts, to now generating 5 figure months in her business, her mission is to help you do the same.

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My promise to you: 

1 // This will be one hour - one hour of jam-packed VALUE - I’m teaching you strategies I teach my private clients

2 // You will leave with actionable learnings you can take away and implement straight away 


3 // There will be live Q&A - your chance to ask me anything I can support you with

PLUS! Exclusive discounts and bonuses worth $750 for my new programme Power Moves will be available for those who join the masterclass live.

Ready to start attracting in consistent leads & converting them with confidence in the DM!?

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