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The Freedom Way

If you're ready to expand your impact and abundance, whilst opening up to greater freedom, then you're in the right place. I'm here to guide you on the HOW. Get ready to create results that "don't make sense" in just 90 days....


Message me HERE or DM me to claim your space. 

(starting early FEBRUARY 2023)

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The Freedom Way has been created to open you up to effortless expansion - to enable you to make more money than ever before, whilst experiencing greater freedom in your life.


We’re talking running your biz from flow based energy.

We’re looking at collapsing time & generating results that “don’t make sense”

We’re stepping into a way of selling, that feels authentic & organic

We're creating ease & fun that generates consistently EPIC results.


This Minimind will help you become “that” business owner you've always desired to be,  

& I’m here to guide you on the HOW.


If you know you’re ready to 2x your monthly revenue, create more consistency and confidently sell higher ticket, whilst living your vision board life - then welcome babe - The Freedom Way is for you.


It’s time to stop delaying the dream & make your vision, your reality

Because you can change the trajectory of your

success, your mindset, your income within 90 days.

...butterflies? You know you're ready. 

You have the power to:

~ TRIPLE last month’s revenue

~ step into your expert energy & become the “go-to” vs one of many

~ make 5 figure months your standard (yes, even if you've never done it before)

~ travel more, take more time off, whilst earning more

~ sign PIF clients in the DM, from the beach or whilst sipping your matcha in a gorgeous beach-side cafe....yes I've done all three! 


This has been my experience & this is what my clients  have created too. And now it's your turn, let me guide you how.

This is for you if:

~ you've got the big vision, & you're making sales, but you know you're capable of more. You're ready for guidance on the strategy, the implementation & the energy work so that your next level is reached in a way that feels easier than ever. No more obsessing over algorithms, its time to make your own rules.


~ you’re experiencing stagnancy & feeling frustrated because you’re ready to step it up & make

$10,000 months your baseline, but at the moment inconsistency is something you’re experiencing. You want to work with higher ticket clients, generate recurring revenue & welcome in inbound dream leads


~ you know having a lifestyle of greater freedom, with more spaciousness in your day AND a business that deeply fulfils you is possible (because you see other women like you with it now)....but you’re wondering how to make it a reality for YOU. It's feeling quite a lot like hard work at the moment. 


~ making sales from a sun-kissed beach, taking more time off to do the things you love, buying organic produce as a your standard, and ordering whatever from the menu feels very exciting & possible…but there’s still blocks to work through 

If you found yourself nodding, The Freedom Way is your answer.

It’s your invitation to open up to EFFORTLESS EXPANSION in the next 90 days.

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This is an intimate, magical & powerful container, where integrity, honesty & kindness is of upmost importance.


We’re trail-blazers coming together, where you will be opening up to new levels of incredible success. Where your dream lifestyle will be in harmony with your dream business.

- 5 figure months, whilst working less than before

- New programmes with 40% of spaces filled pre-launch

- YOUR way of doing biz - no more obsessing over algorithms

- sales in the DM’s & waking up to Stripe notifications


This is for women who are truly ready to say YES to having FUN whilst experiencing newfound levels of wealth, freedom & success.


No more delaying the dream.

Your time is now.

Just 8 spaces. 

"Working & investing in you has fast-tracked my life to where I wanted it to be. I had a vision of the type of client I wanted to shift to working with, and I have that now, which has happened very very quickly which is amazing - and my financial goals too!" ~ Jessie

"I can’t even believe what has happened in the last couple of weeks. I feel really excited, I’m emotional about how much has happened & shifted, you’ve been the most supportive coach I’ve ever worked with." ~ Devon

"I’m feeling good, positive & things are really going in the right direction - MORE than in the right direction…things are starting to take off & going faster…which is allowing me to slow down, which is amazing!!" ~ Jade

client case studies

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What you’ll learn during your time in The Freedom Way:


We'll be focusing on 3 core pillars, & throughout I'll be teaching the game-changing processes & mindset tools that took me from $5K months, to $10K months and then $15k months without working harder & whilst experiencing so much more energy, ease & fulfilment in my life.


Pillar One: how to reframe routines for next level you - we’re diving deep into embodiment work so you can step into greater self-trust. This is about utilising your energy as your secret strategy, so you create the most incredible, hustle-free, results in your business in just 90 days.


Pillar Two: how to curate, build & share your very own freedom-based offer suite. We’ll run through your business with a new lens, combining it with the energy work above. Hello making money in your sleep, from the beach & in the DM’s with EASE.


Pillar Three: how to access flow state for next level expansion in your business - so that consistent $5,000, $7,000, $10,000 months is your norm, whilst experiencing fulfilment, energy & magnetism in abundance.


{{ It’s a Minimind that’ll give you 1:1 SUPPORT, on-going guidance, group connection & accountability and the opportunity to learn from incredible other women who are killing it in the game too! }}


So if you’re ready to earn more and play bigger,

& you’re ready to lean into greater trust whilst you open up to more freedom than ever before,

~ then this is for you.

What’s inside & investment:

3 month private coaching + minimind group format


~ 1 x private coaching call a month


~ 1 x group mastermind call a month - combination of teaching group discussion & hot seat coaching


~ Group Voxer 


~ Join an intimate container of ambitious female biz owners (just like you). Incredible for networking with, collaborating with, learning from & cheering on

SIGN UP BY JAN 2023 & RECEIVE AN exclusive early bird BONUS - 1 x 75 minute kick off private coaching workshop - available anytime you desire / before the mini mind kicks off! (actual value $888)



VIP OPTION AVAILABLE: all of the above PLUS 1:1 Voxer support throughout the full Minimind - message me for details


Got a question? Please pop me a DM on Instagram.

Pay in Full $3384
Flexible Payment 3 x $1150

I’m looking for VISIONARIES.


Powerful women who are committed to LEVELLING UP in all areas of their life.


The soul-led entrepreneur who is done with playing below their potential - who’s ready to step into ease & flow state energy. To amplify their FREEDOM, INCOME & FULFILMENT. 


The energy is: I am “that” woman who has it all.

I get to work less & earn more.

I get to grow a wildly successful business, whilst living a life I’m obsessed with.


Effortless ease.

Results that don’t make sense.

Self-trust, calm confidence & expansion.


This is YOUR time & I can’t wait to see you SOAR.

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Recent client results

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