Is fear of the unknown holding you back?

Do you feel stuck in a job that isn't fulfilling?  

You experience stress & overwhelm regularly? 

Life is sort of just happening to you?  

I can help you change that. 

I'm here to champion and challenge you.

Remember, you create your own reality and live in accordance to what you believe is possible, or deem to be "right". So if your mindset isn't supporting you, that's when you start feeling stagnant and out of alignment. I'm here to help bring your vision to life. 

Working together we'll identify thought patterns that aren't supporting you, habits that aren't conducive to success and outline what action you need to take to make sure you really start feeling at your best.


​Now is time to regain control, create exciting changes and curate a life that's genuinely enjoyable to you & is full of what makes you feel good. 

I'm here to hold you accountable so you get BIG results.  

To really understand the power of coaching, you've got to experience it, so drop me a message for a  

"Nicola has shown me you don’t need to have a “problem” to work with a life coach. What I’ve loved is that no topic is off limits & I never feel like her answers are “fluff” or nonsensical. She's helped me apply positive mindset techniques to each aspect of my life. Nicola - you really are an inspiration for me to prioritize myself and choose happiness. You’ve motivated me more than you know. For that, the biggest thank you is necessary!" 

Emily, Critical Care Nurse - New York


nicola charlotte


Mindset & Performance Coach


I help individuals build self-awareness and self-confidence to make positive changes in their life and ultimately feel happier.

This is an exciting opportunity for you!


Picture yourself 30 years from now.

Do you have regrets about things you didn't do?

Or are you proud & grateful you took action?


Better an "oops" than a "what if" right? 


46% of our time is spent on auto-pilot i.e. our mind isn't engaged & we're existing very much in our comfort zone. This is likely due to repetitive action, lack of motivation or absence of passion.


What's your passion? Let's bring back the sense of fulfilment in all areas of your life. 

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams & take risks. Life is happening now. ”


Mindset is like a muscle, it needs to be worked on regularly so that it performs at its prime. I'll introduce you to effective techniques & strategies that'll build your confidence & resilience, and in turn reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm & self-doubt. How mentally fit you are, determines your success.    


"I've really enjoyed working with Nicola on my business. She's so easy to talk to and has really helped me to get clear on my goals for my business and how to move forward using practical action steps. I'm particularly grateful for all the great tips she's given me for managing my social media. I felt really lost before I started this coaching but now I feel a lot more clear and focused. She's really helped me to focus on one thing at a time and move towards my goals with greater confidence".


Kathy, Entrepreneur & Coach

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