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I help woman like you go from:

dreaming → doing

Over the past +4 years of working with +250 women and supporting +40 businesses, one thing stands true - people’s mindset is either the enabler or disabler of their success and fulfilment

I empower clients to make the most of their potential using the power of their mind, habits & behaviours - alongside simple strategies - to create incredible change, with ease.

Hi! I'm Nicola,

+6 Figure Business & Mindset Coach, Sales & Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Podcast Host - on a mission to help women break-cycles and upgrade their lifestyle. 

I work with high-performers, execs, founders & forward-thinking organisations.

How can I help you? 

If you're a business owner: We'll start off getting clear on YOUR freedom-based income & lifestyle goals, and then we'll create a plan to make it happen, in a way that feels exciting, understandable & sustainable - with me by your side as you implement.

I'll be your partner whilst you grow & scale your business with confidence. 


supporting you to: 

get clear on current blocks & hurdles and how to overcome these


map out a bespoke growth strategy, based your success metrics

take big bold action, implement proven strategies, be seen as a leader

so you can finally say "I've made it"

areas I can support you in:


I'll teach you the processes, buyer psychology techniques and up-levelling mindset practises that took my business from inconsistent $5K months, to $10k and now +$25K revenue months...all whilst exploring the world & ticking off places on my travel bucket list. 


If you're a middle manager or HR / People Lead: and want to find out how I can support you and/or your team to build resilience, confidence & clarity CLICK HERE.  Mindset and performance coaching is routed in neuroscience, mindfulness & behavioural sciences. It’s results driven work that will enable you to optimise your potential, whilst feeling greater fulfilment, inspiration & purpose in all areas of your life. 

Knowing how to keep meeting professional targets, workplace pressures, demands of a team & your own wellbeing with confidence and the right tools to support you is the gateaway to longer term success - let me help you.

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What clients are saying: 

"Before working with Nicola I was feeling stuck with my business. I didn’t know how to increase my income without having to work 24/7. My mindset has totally transformed over the past 6 months. I am confident, clear and concise with my clients and my service offerings. I am now so excited about my business and I love seeing it grow with ease - which was so important to me.

Jessie, Social Media Manager - hear from Jessie here

"The past year I've had one of the most difficult moments in my life, but coaching with you has helped me to meet myself again, know myself and stay grounded in a way that I never thought could be possible. The transformation in my life has been amazing, I feel like I'm a new woman, more positive, strong minded, focused and happier! I can now clearly see a future to my career and my best version as a business woman". 

Joana, Sustainability Founder

I'm the right coach for you if: 


You want to scale your monthly income & impact and you're ready for expertise guidance to help you get there.


You're booked out but overwhelmed - you want to free up more time & energy to enjoy the freedom-lifestyle you set up your business for originally. 

You can't see a clear path for how you'll get to 6 figures - it still feels FAR away, but you KNOW you're so capable.

High ticket sales & inbound enquiries feel random, you want reliable strategies to make these become consistent, plus master social selling to ATTRACT premium clients organically.

You're ready to ditch the guess-work & the throw-the-spaghetti-at-the-wall approach and instead introduce strategies bespoke to your business, that you understand, and that will create long term results.

Selling & pitching feels a bit "icky" and because of this, you shy away from targeting bigger, more expansive opportunities & clients, you want to feel confident in your offers, pricing & leading sales conversations.

ultimately, you're not willing to settle anymore - you want to grow a business that fulfils you financially and energetically, whilst having a deep rooted sense of freedom. 

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"I have seen big transformations in my business, I have generated more revenue and hit a $6,500 goal last month. I've had the opportunity to work with more dream, aligned clients that are excited to work with me and the testimonials speak for themselves! Nicola has helped me master my sales strategy on discovery calls, amend my product suite so that I am not undervaluing my services whilst also supporting me towards living a location based freedom lifestyle. Nicola has been such an amazing support system, I don't know what I'd have done without her." 
Chloe, Parent & Child Coach

"It’s not an understatement when I say my internal dialogue & narrative and how I’m now making decisions for my life has totally changed over the last few months. I have manifested ease from all aspects of my life by living with it on a day to day basis and focusing on abundance and soulfulness in my everyday choices."
Aliya, New Business Manager

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If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting.

I'm here to support you to hit consistent sales months, magnetic offers & a mindset that'll keep you hitting your goals whilst feeling at your best. 

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