Fed up of imposter syndrome holding you back? 

Lacking confidence in upping your prices & approaching dream clients? 

Feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to do list? 

You're committed to your business but not yet seeing big results? 

It's time to step away away from that hustler mentality and dreamer mindset. It's time to get clear on what's holding you back so you can start living your dream lifestyle now. I'm here to help you do just that.


Remember, you are your biggest asset. So the best investment you can make is into yourself. When you're at your best, so is your work, relationships & social life. It's a holistic & sustainable approach starting with mindset.

Using my STEP method you’ll gain greater confidence, create big impact and authentically scale success in all areas of your life. 




My mission is to help you grow, so that your career excels. Your potential is unlimited, as is your success, and I know you’re worthy of excellence.

"Nicola has shown me you don’t need to have a “problem” to work with a life coach. What I’ve loved is that no topic is off limits & I never feel like her answers are “fluff” or nonsensical. She's helped me apply positive mindset techniques to each aspect of my life. Nicola - you really are an inspiration for me to prioritize myself and choose happiness. You’ve motivated me more than you know. For that, the biggest thank you is necessary!" 

Emily, Critical Care Nurse - New York

"Nicola has helped me hugely especially through a tough 2020.  She has helped me find confidence in myself to make changes at work, including speaking up for myself & establishing professional boundaries. After every call I have with Nicola I have felt not only motivated, but excited to make even the smallest of changes. Nicola has been able to guide me towards the right solution & empowered me to take action."

Lucy, London


nicola charlotte

Mindset & Performance Coach


I support ambitious female founders and freelancers reach their potential and feel empowered by their work. 

My mission is to help you grow, so that your business grows and your lifestyle thrives.

Simplify - every coaching journey begins with one step. We break your ambitions & goals down into simple steps so you're constantly moving closer to your potential. 

Take action - we’ll create an ambitious, yet achievable action plan that’ll take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. This is your 10/10 dream future scenario. (Trust me, it’s closer than you think). 

Energy - attention goes where energy flows. We’ll ensure you have rituals, habits & mindset practises in place to ensure your energy is of high frequency to attract in opportunities and abundance every day. 

Presence - learn to re-frame your focus to what you can control and re-wire those unsupportive beliefs currently holding you back. With presence comes clarity, vision and motivation. 


"We have come here to have fun while we learn, to grow without suffering, and to harvest our desires in the absolute knowledge that we can have it all once we learn how to handle our energies, meaning our emotions.”

authenticity | impact | abundance


I believe reaching your potential requires whole-life integration. A holistic approach that prioritises self care & mindset work, so you can do good AND feel good

(by good I mean amazing)!

We'll work together so you achieve your vision of success.

"I've really enjoyed working with Nicola on my business. She's so easy to talk to and has really helped me to get clear on my goals for my business and how to move forward using practical action steps. I'm particularly grateful for all the great tips she's given me for managing my social media. I felt really lost before I started this coaching but now I feel a lot more clear and focused. She's really helped me to focus on one thing at a time and move towards my goals with greater confidence".


Kathy, Entrepreneur & Coach

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