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imposter syndrome & self-doubt

overwhelm & comparison 

feeling flat & uninspired

stress & burnout 

These are telltale signs that something needs to change, and I'm here to help you do just that.


Let's get clear on what's currently not working and get excited about the life you want to create. We'll identify your values, leverage what's going well and create a plan for you to move forward. 

The best investment you can make is into yourself. You need to feel at your best, to produce your best work and show up as your best self. It starts with mindset.

We'll take it one step at a time.

Simplify - We break down your goals & visions into simple steps, whilst ensuring you're constantly progressing.

Take action - we’ll create an ambitious, yet achievable plan that’ll take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. This is your 10/10 dream future scenario.

Energy - attention goes where energy flows. We’ll ensure you have supportive rituals, habits & mindset practises in place to ensure your energy is well managed and your wellbeing prioritised.   

Presence - learn to re-frame your focus to what you can control and re-wire unsupportive beliefs holding you back. With presence comes clarity, vision and motivation. 

What clients are saying: 

"The past year I've had one of the most difficult moments in my life, but coaching with you has helped me to meet myself again, know myself and stay grounded in a way that I never thought could be possible. The transformation in my life has been amazing, I feel like I'm a new woman, more positive, strong minded, focused and happier! I can now clearly see a future to my career and my best version as a business woman". Joana, Portugal

"Nicola has shown me you don’t need to have a “problem” to work with a life coach. What I’ve loved is that no topic is off limits & I never feel like her answers are “fluff” or nonsensical. She's helped me apply positive mindset techniques to each aspect of my life. Nicola - you really are an inspiration for me to prioritize myself and choose happiness. You’ve motivated me more than you know. For that, the biggest thank you is necessary!" Emily, New York


Hi! I'm Nicola,

Mindset & Confidence Coach. 

I support ambitious women & entrepreneurs who are successful yet feeling unfulfilled. 


Whether you're trying to reach a big milestone or improve a little each day, I'm here to empower you to think differently, take positive action, achieve your goals and be you, at your best.

"We have come here to have fun while we learn, to grow without suffering, and to harvest our desires in the absolute knowledge that we can have it all once we learn how to handle our energies, meaning our emotions.”

Reaching your potential, and being you at your best, requires whole-life integration. An approach and lifestyle that balances self care, wellbeing and mindset work. We'll work together to really elevate how you're feeling on a daily basis. 

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"I've really enjoyed working with Nicola on my business. She's so easy to talk to and has really helped me to get clear on my goals for my business and how to move forward using practical action steps. I'm particularly grateful for all the great tips she's given me for managing my social media. I felt really lost before I started this coaching but now I feel a lot more clear and focused. She's really helped me to focus on one thing at a time and move towards my goals with greater confidence".
Kathy, Entrepreneur & Coach

If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting.

I'm here to support you in building confidence & courage,
so you can move away from feeling stuck and held back.