Hi! I'm Nicola,

a Mindset & Business Coach. 

I help ambitious individuals to create meaningful success in their life & business, so they can reach more of their potential whilst feeling fulfilled.

My mission is to empower you, to inspire you and support you in taking bold action towards your dreams. To curate a life you're obsessed with, build an aspirational brand and to be "that" person who has it all. 

what are your truest desires? 

what does meaningful success look like to you?  

if you knew you could not fail, what would you do differently? 

Running a business is both challenging & rewarding, exhausting & inspiring, exciting & confusing.

Having more freedom & flexibility is one of the main reasons why people like us set up their own business.

Yet time & time again, I hear women saying they have "no time" to do the things they love the most (outside of their work). This causes exhaustion, procrastination, self-doubt & imposter syndrome...


Using my signature KIS model, I'll support you to create a successful business without the overwhelm, as well as a lifestyle that supports & excites you. I combine mindset strategies with simple business processes, because your mindset determines your level of success and is a reflection of where you're at currently.

What clients are saying: 

"The past year I've had one of the most difficult moments in my life, but coaching with you has helped me to meet myself again, know myself and stay grounded in a way that I never thought could be possible. The transformation in my life has been amazing, I feel like I'm a new woman, more positive, strong minded, focused and happier! I can now clearly see a future to my career and my best version as a business woman". Joana, Portugal

"Nicola has shown me you don’t need to have a “problem” to work with a life coach. What I’ve loved is that no topic is off limits & I never feel like her answers are “fluff” or nonsensical. She's helped me apply positive mindset techniques to each aspect of my life. Nicola - you really are an inspiration for me to prioritize myself and choose happiness. You’ve motivated me more than you know. For that, the biggest thank you is necessary!" Emily, New York

"We have come here to have fun while we learn, to grow without suffering, and to harvest our desires in the absolute knowledge that we can have it all once we learn how to handle our energies, meaning our emotions.”

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"Five words to help sum up my experience of coaching with Nicola: "energising", "an investment into the future", "a little emotional", "I have felt totally supported by a kind soul" and "totally worthwhile". 

Amy, Customer Engagement Manager

If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting.

I'm here to support you to hit consistent sales months, magnetic offers & a mindset that'll keep you hitting your goals whilst feeling at your best.