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Is coaching for me?

Think of it like this, people work with a personal trainer for their expertise, guidance & accountability when it comes to improving their physical health. I do the same but from an internal point of view. 


Our mind is a muscle, so it needs regular attention for it to remain strong & perform at it's best. 


Similarly to a fitness plan, your coaching programme will be unique to you. I'll work with you to understand what's been holding you back, what's been getting in the way and ultimately how to change that. 


My own experience

I’ve always been hard-working, self-motivated & eager to learn. I’d never considered a Life Coach. I've been in your position.  The concept of investing in my personal development was alien to me. 


But when I realised that there was an opportunity to "up-grade" my total lifestyle, and that all of the most successful people out there are working with a coach, I was desperate to experience it for myself. I suddenly felt very excited!

I still work with my own fabulous coach - she's supporting me as I take my business up to the next level. The progress I've made with overcoming self-limiting beliefs and adopting a supportive mindset has been incredible.  

"Don't be afraid to start again. You may like your new story better."

How do the coaching programmes work?

There are two options:

Flourish in Three (3 month programme)

Thrive in Five (5 month programme)


First, I offer a free discovery call to chat about you & your current situation. This is also your opportunity to ask me any questions. It's a two way conversation for us to get to know each other. We can then start to map out what you would like to focus on & how I can best support you. I can also advise which programme would best suit - more often than not, you'll start with three months and find yourself wanting to extending to five, but it's totally flexible!

What clients are saying: 

"I started coaching with Nicola only a couple of months ago, and I can already see a massive difference in my day to day life. I am more confident in myself, motivated and generally more positive. She is such a cheerful and optimistic person, and she's got a great knowledge and skills to help set both personal and professional goals, and help achieve those. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking to make a positive change in their lives, and need a little help and guidance."

Lea, Marketing Professional

Programme Details

This is for you if :

  • You're fed up of feeling "fine"

  • Life is sort of just happening to you? 

  • You're stressed because you're not where you thought you'd be at this stage in life  

  • Passion & fulfilment aren't words you'd use to describe your job

  • Anxiety & fear stop you from taking action? 


I'm here to help you change that.


Here's a question - money no object, and opportunities limitless, what does your ideal life look like in 12 months?

The good news is, this can be your new reality. By working backwards, we will create a plan of action to make sure you're making progress from day one. By understanding what's currently holding you back, such as identifying the stories you've been telling yourself (and believing in), you can start to create new ways of thinking and a build a stronger mindset that supports your ambitions.   


I'm your biggest cheerleader over the next few months. My role is to make you feel empowered. I'll teach you effective strategies to reduce stress & negative thinking, giving you headspace & motivation to create success. And this will be your definition of success.


I'll hold you accountable. I'll champion you, and challenge you gently, to ensure you get the most value possible our of our sessions. 

I can't give you the answers, or an immediate solution, but we will work together to ensure your goals are achieved.

Both programmes include: 

- FREE 30 minute discovery call 

- bi-weekly 60 minute live sessions (online) 

-  follow up notes

- access to me in between sessions 

- tailored accountability plan

- (optional) "homework" to support your personal growth & development


  • monthly payment plan available 

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