nicola charlotte 1:1 coaching 

Your coaching programme is unique to you. It'll be designed to help you upgrade your mindset so you achieve your version of success and design the lifestyle that helps you thrive.  

Let me ask you this... 

  • What you do you really want in life?

  • How would it feel to have this?

  • On a scale of 1-10, where are you now in relation to this?

  • What are the biggest struggles you're faced with right now?

I'm 100% committed to helping you getting there. Your potential is unlimited. 


I'll teach you new behaviour strategies & effective ways of optimising your mindset so you build resilience, confidence and self-belief - all attributes needed for a thriving life & career 


A coaching journey may be challenging and overwhelming at times, but it is predominantly exhilarating, rewarding, empowering and exciting. I’ve experienced this all myself and have spent thousands on my own self development and mindset work. 


Adopt the belief you're worthy of excellence, not good.

Don't settle, do the work & you'll see exciting results. 

How does the coaching programme work?

I offer a free discovery call to so we can have a conversation about you & your current situation. It's important we get to know each other. Using my STEP method, you'll begin to build immediate confidence and improved clarity so you feel calmer and energised. You'll have established action points after every session for continual progress. We'll keep in touch in between calls, as you put your new behaviour strategies to work. I hold you accountable, I'll champion you and challenge you, so you can step out of your comfort zone and see your business thrive. 

What clients are saying: 

"I started coaching with Nicola only a couple of months ago, and I can already see a massive difference in my day to day life. I am more confident in myself, motivated and generally more positive. She is such a cheerful and optimistic person, and she's got great knowledge and skills to help set both personal and professional goals, and help achieve those. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking to make a positive change in their lives, and need a little help and guidance."

Lea, Marketing Professional

Programme Details


This is for you if :

  • You're hungry for bigger results for your business

  • You know you're hustling too hard & your energy is fading 

  • You experience stress & overwhelm regularly 

  • You're lacking confidence & courage to make the changes your dreaming of

  • Comparison & imposter syndrome are holding you back


With the right mindset, you can change that.


By understanding what's currently holding you back, (fear / self-doubt / external pressure) you can start to create a healthier mindset that supports your business achieve big result.   


I'm your biggest cheerleader over the next few months. My role is to support you in transitioning from where you are now, to where you want to be. 


I can't give you the answers, or an immediate solution, but we will work together to ensure your goals are achieved.

4 month programme: 

- FREE discovery call 

- bi-weekly 60 minute live sessions (online) 

-  follow up notes & action steps

- access to me in between sessions 

- tailored accountability plan

- (optional) "homework" to support your personal growth & development

  • monthly payment plan available


email me: ​or click below to book in a free discovery call.





Get to know me:

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